Vitamin cover of wrinkles

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This mask is good moisturize and nourish a face flabby, and vitamins A and E will possess his famous anti-oxidant effect.

The cover

1 boiled egg.

1 tablespoons Spoon moisturizer.

0.5 teaspoonful of fine sea salt, or sodium chloride.

15 K. The butter solution of vitamin E.

10 K. A butter decision of vitamin A.

Production and apply masks

Mash with a spoon yolks with saline, add all a other components of a mask, all newly good.

Apply the cover on clean out damp face, neck skin, decollete. The mask may be used for skin.

Hold for 20-25 min, so remove with a cotton swab dipped in mineral aqua.

Course covers

1 time per week for 2 weeks.

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Fruits and Milk pilling

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It is proposed to mix up a raspberries and peaches with serum and honey. This here is a very simple and tasty mask that beautiful mash with a spoon and rejuvenate the skin, hand and neck area. For delicate skin of the neck skin, it will yet be too aggressive.

The cover for a facial skin

3 ripe blackberry.

1 peach.

1 teaspoon of cream (if a skin is normal or combination, you can apply milk yoghurt without dyes and additives).

1h. Spoon of natural honey.

Preparation and use covers

Grate a peeled peaches and grapes on a small grater.

To strawberries gruel add a cream and natural honey.

Everything closely.

Put a finished mask massage movements to clean facial skin and massage for 2-3 min.

Leave a cover on the skin for 5-7 minutes, then massotherapy a little more facial skin and rinse with heartwarming h2o.

Rinse a face with cool.

Course masks

For dry facial skin, one every 1-2 weeks, for combination and normal 1-2 minutes a week.

Keep in mind before going out to enjoy a big level means of UV protection, how a peeling making the face vulnerable to sunlight. Otherwise there is a risk of increased facial skin pigmentation and early aging.

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East sour natural milk face cover

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Another homemade skin care mask for those who are along fed up with conventional covers and should something sort of on the own face namutit. And possess not muddy half an hour, how ordinary, and the whole day and another 1/2 an hour. And that, you see, is quite unusual.

The mask for the face

1 liter of milk

1 tablespoons sour serum,

1 tablespoon tablespoon of deep-fat curds

0.5 teaspoonful of fine sea saline, or sodium,

1 tablespoons freshly ground corn.

Online shopping site nice Tiande (Nizhny Novgorod) offers a wide selection of ready-skin covers, created with traditional recipes of oriental medicine. In addition to skin masks, you will find many other items for hygiene and nice.

Production masks and face care

Carefully place a serum into a milk, not stirred. Cover and leave for every day in a warm colored place. The mixing will not touch, do not shake, do not stir, do not run from put to place.

Of the 24 hours, you'll possess an variant katyk - fermented beverage.

Katyk may be used in pure shape for the treatment of oily skin - just wipe the skin. Read more -->

2 medium banana face care mask

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Winter is - while bananas. Apples is nutritious and satisfying, not just for the winter frost. And weary winter winds, cold-blooded weather face it is even the taste to come.

Just a banana masks for fase cover

0.5 big banana

0.5 teaspoonful of serum, sour serum, yogurt without additives and dyes,

5.3 drops of grapefruit fresh juice

1 teaspoonful olive butter.

Mash with a spoon banana and add to to the big banana gruel all other components of a cover. Mix up all until creamy.

Use the mask to a clean damp face, neck skin, decollete.

Hold for 15-20 minutes, then attentively remove the remnants of a mask with a tissue. If this is required, wash out and put on a face cream.

Gelatin-medium banana mask

1 tbsp. Spoonful gelatin

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Home-skin wrinkle cover with papaya

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2 spoon spoons of mashed papaya

1 soup spoon spoonful of honey,

Oatmeal or wheat floury.

Combine with natural honey and papaya mask thickeners oat or buckwheat floury.

Use a cover, massotherapy with circular movements to clean out, damp, light steaming a skin (neck, chest, hand,...), let it sit for 10-15 minutes, again massage and rinse. Apply a moisturizer or facial skin moisturizing or nourishing mask.

Homemade cover with orange fresh juice

1 spoon Spoon thick white yoghurt without additives

0.5 st. Tbsp. Olive or almond oil

1 teaspoonful of freshly squeezed orange extract.

Blend all ingredients. If a mask seemed too fluid thickeners it, however in the 1st recipe, mealy or cosmetic clay. Keep the cover for 15-20 minutes, not letting it very dry out, then rinse and moisturize a skin.

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