Universal Cover


Select up the fruit or fruits, cut and use to damp facial skin. Young face is better suited sour fruits or fruits.

Keep all the cover for 15-20 min, rinse with heartwarming h2o. After use a lightness moisturizer or nourishing. Course - a mask every other time for one 30 days.

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Banana oatmeal with skin wrinkles


1 tbsp. Spoonful mashed ripe banana into mush mass

1 tbsp. Spoonful hot milk

1 teaspoonful of natural honey

Ground rice.

Combine the banana, milk and honey, oatmeal mask thickeners. Keep a mask on for 20-Thirty minutes, then rinse with cool aqua and apply to a face nourishing and moisturizing serum.

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Cleansing Face lotion for combination skin


It's not even a face lotion, and a kind of cover, face lotion. After face lotion, however a rule, does not washing off, and this will get a couple of min after treatment rinse. Of course, some chore, but at least approximately in a life of cosmetic variety! After mask lotion - it will not just there about lotion and not just there any cover.

A cover, lotion for very dry skin

3 soup spoon olive oil or grape seed butter,

1 soup spoon soup spoon good grapefruit fresh juice

1 teaspoonful baking cheese

1 teaspoonful pure mineral aqua

2 K. The essential oil of bergamot (sage, mint)

Small handful of desk or sea saline.

Production and treatment of face lotion mask

Blend grapefruit juice with h2o, the resulting mixing is dissolved in yolk and sol.

Mix the veggie and essence oils, and connect the two mixtures.

Apply a cover ready-lotion to clean damp skin on other parts of the body with combination skin (shoulders, back, lower neck skin).

Wash the means 1-2 minutes with hot water, rinse with cool person.

Apply a cover, face lotion 1-2 times a week at bedtime or 3-4 hours earlier going out.

Do not forget to protect the facial skin and aging body skin with UV radiation.

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Cream Cover Cleopatra


They say that this serum is yet popular in Italy and South Africa. A composition, by a way, is quite simple, and cooking does not pick up much time. And what is particularly fine, no preservatives! As that will keep your money in a fridge and no more than 10-12 days.

The serum-cover

40 ml of aloe fresh juice (affordable at pharmacies).

20 ml of rose water.

10 g of honey.

100 grams of fresh melted lard.

Recipe for rose aqua is very simple: 2 tablespoon chopped rose petals in a glass of stewing h2o. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, so strain done several layers of cheesecloth.

Rose petals can be replaced by any herbs that are suitable for the face type. Specifically here will be goodness universal daisy.

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Facial skin cover with almond oil and jojoba oil


1 tablespoon spoonful pink clay

1 tbsp. Spoonful mealy

1 tsp. Of jojoba oil,

1 teaspoon of almond butter,

Mineral water.

Combine a clay with butter until smooth, thin a cover with h2o. Apply the mask however in a previous recipe. After using the mask sure to apply moisturizer to a face.

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Production and application of a face mask


Pour the wine and leave a daisy at apartment temperature for 2 week.

Mash yolks with natural honey and the butter and pour 0.5 st. Spoonful red face lotion.

Thicken the mixture milled oats or buckwheat mealy.

Skin (neck skin, decollete), clean, wet lotion, then apply the cover.

Keep the mask for 10-Fifteen minutes, so rinse with warm h2o, wipe again with a skin lotion and use a moisturizer.

Course of face covers

Apply face lotion 1-2 minutes per day, do a mask 2-3 times a week.

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