Apple cover


Rub on a little grater 1/2 candy medium apples, throw in 1 teaspoonful of sour serum and much of murphy starch thickeners.

Mask apple klubnichaya

Grate half of the confection big apple and sprinkle it with lemon breeding juice, append 1-2 mashed orange, 1 teaspoonful natural honey and 1 teaspoonful of olive oil.

Apply a mask on the face, neck skin and decollete for 15-20 minutes, keeping it very dry.

Course - one mask every day for a month.

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Cover pale flabby skin


Cover with blue clay add to vital skin color, tone and smooth fine lines.

Mix until polish 1 teaspoon mayonnaise, honey, lemon nectar, castor oil, powderise blue clay and cognac.

Warmth the mixture in a water bath or in the microwave to a pleasant skin temperature.

Use a hot mask on a skin, neck and decollete, hold for 20-Thirty minutes, then rinse with warm aqua. Rinse with cold skin.

If necessary, apply a moisturizer.

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Home facials skin wrinkles


Mix up the mint with peach and yoghurt with lemon, natural honey and almond butter, ripe banana and milk. Such are the simple face mask of wrinkles and skin are tightened, and shine out the wrinkles, and improve the complexion. With regular use, of course. 1-st regularly use one mask of wrinkles, then the other, rightly, after a third, so comes a turn of the fourth to a fifth and sixth. It was only when all else fails, we can say that this is nonsense the cover of skin wrinkles, but the circular lift - this item!

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Almond Lemon to narrow pores


4-3 kernels raw almonds


1 teaspoonful grapefruit juice.

Almond scald with stewing water, peel and pour a little aqua on the night. Morning cut kernel gruel and add a lemon fresh juice. Apply a mask ready to clean damp skin and rinse with cool water of the 10-20 minutes.

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Cleansing Cover for Oily Face


Here it will be indispensable to prepare an oatmeal porridge with almonds, white clay and sweet cucumber. Mmmm... Delicious! Female facial skin cover how much that it is a duo of times a 7 days and even supplements asks.

The mask for any face

4.3 almonds

1 tablespoons Spoon white clay

1 teaspoon of ground corn,

1 good cucumber.

Preparation and use masks for female skin

Almonds light kilned and mash in a coffee grinder.

Cucumber rub on a small plastic grater and squeeze a extract done several layers of cheesecloth.

Blend 1 tsp. Of peanut floury with oat flakes and clay.

Dilute a mix cucumber juice to a thick slurry. If you will be a small cucumber nectar, throw in cool boiled water.

Use a cover ready to clean out damp facial skin. Massotherapy the facial skin by massaging gently for 2-3 min, then place a mask for any 5-7 min.

So rinse with hot water and apply to facial skin a cover to narrow pores.

Course masks

2-3 minutes a week depending on the needs of the skin.

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Cover pale flabby skin


Cover with blue clay add vital facial skin color, tone and smooth lovely lines.

Combine until polish 1 tsp. Mayonnaise, natural honey, grapefruit nectar, castor oil, powderise blue clay and cognac.

Warmth the mixing in a aqua bath or in the microwave to a pleasant facial skin temperature.

Use a warm cover on your skin, neck skin and decollete, hold for 20-Thirty minutes, so rinse with warm h2o. Rinse with cold facial skin.

If required, apply a moisturizer.

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