Cream Cover Cleopatra


They say that this serum is yet popular in Italy and South Africa. A composition, by a way, is quite simple, and cooking does not pick up much time. And what is particularly fine, no preservatives! As that will keep your money in a fridge and no more than 10-12 days.

The serum-cover

40 ml of aloe fresh juice (affordable at pharmacies).

20 ml of rose water.

10 g of honey.

100 grams of fresh melted lard.

Recipe for rose aqua is very simple: 2 tablespoon chopped rose petals in a glass of stewing h2o. Let stand for 15-20 minutes, so strain done several layers of cheesecloth.

Rose petals can be replaced by any herbs that are suitable for the face type. Specifically here will be goodness universal daisy.

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