Cleansing masks for skin cover of rice and baking kefir


Another variation on the classic recipe for cleansing facial skin cover of corn. At this time, except for a oatmeal in the mask is present milk, grapefruit juice and yoghurt, sour fluid (optional). Perhaps the composition is not particularly original, but they say, unusually powerful. Properly, a path is not extraordinary, but just powerful. So, for someone he can get extraordinary by the action, and for someone no action was not there. Here are all individually and you try - do not know.

The mask for a skin

2 soup spoon chopped corn or cereal for child meal,

1 teaspoonful baking protein

1 soup spoon spoon sweet lemon juice

1-2 soup spoon spoon of yoghurt, white yogurt, milk yoghurt or sour serum (optional).

Production and use of cleaning facials mask

Mix baking milk and oatmeal. In a separate bowl, combining yogurt and lemon extract. So connect the 2 mixtures.

Accomplish consistency of little-fat sour serum, throw in yogurt or rice (It is possible to also add to a cosmetic clay).

Clean out the facial skin and slightly rasparte, rinsing the skin with hot h2o, or enough to do a hot compress (may chamomile).

Apply a cover to a face, avoiding the eye space and lips. Allow a mask to dry and brush off her face, massage gently.

Remnants of the cover moisten with water and again gently massage the skin, then rinse with soft aqua and rinse the face with cool.

Apply to facial skin pores cover's Facial skin or any other tool to reduce a time (putty for then there will not work.)

Course of facial skin covers

In 3-14 times, depending on the wants of a facial skin. The cover is aggressive enough, as it is best to do before going to bed to give the skin a chance to recover overnight.

Do not forget the covers during the course of hydration and nutrition of the skin, otherwise there is a serious risk of a face retain moisture and make it that more contaminated. When dehydrated facial skin to recover, starting with a vengeance to produce oil, which leads to clogged pores and, consequently, to a face of acne. If a face is dehydrated, first restore it, and then to proceed to aggressive cleansing.

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